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Upgrade to WalletConnect v2 For Effortless Transactions

Decentralized applications (Dapps) have been popular for a long time. Crypto wallets play an important role in communicating with decentralized applications. They are entry points for decentralized applications. There are many blockchains available. Not all wallets are compatible with these blockchains. That is where WalletConnect comes in. It acts as a bridge connecting multiple blockchain wallets and Dapps. 


WalletConnect v2 is here.


Have you upgraded to it? If not, what are you waiting for? 


Please go through this blog to know more about WallectConnect and its upgraded features in v2.


What is WalletConnect?


WalletConnect is an open-source platform that lets you link your crypto wallet to Dapps without exposing your private keys. With WalletConnect, users can initiate a connection between a wallet and a Dapp by scanning a QR code or clicking on a deep link. Once connected, the Dapp can send requests to the wallet, such as signing transactions or accessing account information. The users can then review and approve these requests directly on wallets, ensuring complete control over their funds and sensitive information.


WalletConnect v2: What Are The New Features?


According to the official website of WalletConnect, they shut down WalletConnect v1.0 because it was not scalable and reliable. The majority of the issues present in wallet connect v1.0 was solved in WalletConnect v2. Let's have a look at some prominent features of WalletConnect v2.





Sessions: Sessions were limited to one chain. If you wanted to use your wallet to interact with a Dapp on a different chain, you needed to create a new session. V2 allows the creation of multiple sessions across chains. Users can use the same session to interact with Dapps on different chains. This feature saves time and effort, as users no longer need to create new sessions for every chain they wish to connect with.


Chain Agonistic: Wallet Connect v1.0 supports EVM-compatible wallets and Dapps. This means that wallets and Dapps from other blockchain ecosystems, such as Solana or Avalanche, could not use wallet connect. Wallet Connect v2.0 introduces JSON-RPC permission methods. This feature allows Dapps to determine if the wallet is compatible with their needs. With v2.0, users can now access multiple wallets and Dapps, regardless of the blockchain ecosystem they are built on.


Pairings: Pairings are sessions that can be used to propose upcoming sessions. You can create a pairing once and use that pairing to connect to the Dapp without setting up another session every time. They have a default lifetime of 30 days. A pairing’s default lifetime of 30 days provides users ample time to create sessions without worrying about constant refreshes. After the pairing expires, another pairing can be made to access the Dapp.


Message Acknowledgement: WalletConnect v2 clients track all JSON RPC requests sent, which means they can acknowledge received messages from the server and track the history of JSON RPC requests received. This ensures that clients don’t miss messages, resulting in improved reliability and robustness of the communication protocol.


Is WalletConnect safe?


WalletConnect establishes a safe connection between wallets and Dapps. It uses end-to-end encryption between your mobile crypto wallet and a specific DApp through QR code scanning and deep linking. During the session, data is encrypted before being transmitted. It can only get decrypted by the intended user. WalletConnect puts the user in full control of their wallet and private keys. Users have the final say in authorizing any transaction. Dapps do not access users' private keys.


Infograins Can Help You!!


Infograins is a blockchain development company that can help you upgrade to WalletConnect v2. We have a team of experienced developers who can assist you migrate. Our professional developers can analyze your requirements, evaluate the impact of the upgrade and seamlessly integrate WalletConnect v2 into your platform. We can provide you with the following targeted support:


  • Assess your current WalletConnect implementation and identify areas for improvement.
  • Migrate your code to v2 to ensure you are taking advantage of the feature set and performance benefits of the latest WalletConnect version.
  • Test your upgraded implementation quickly and easily with automated testing tools and resources.
  • Provide support and maintenance to keep your upgraded implementation running smoothly and efficiently.


For more information, contact us atInfograins Software Solutions.