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Public Blockchain Development

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Infograins specializes in Public Blockchain Development. We can advise and help you choose the best network for your needs based on the specifics of your business. Public blockchains have been used successfully in several other applications. These encompass a variety of areas, such as the public sector, supply chain management, quality control, accounting, voting, the stock market, and energy supply. We build our products using EOS and Ethereum, the two most well-known and widely-used Public Blockchain networks.

We provide the following solutions for creating a Public Blockchain

Token offerings

Smart contract development

Wallet development and Integration

MVP development

W3 Service
W3 Service

Let's Explore Public Blockchain in More Detail.

A Public Blockchain is an open network where anybody may read, write, or join. Since there is no centralized authority, the data on the network will be unchangeable. Although it can seem like a drawback, this is one of the Public Blockchains' largest benefits and exemplifies the true power of decentralization. The network is maintained using a distributed system where each user has a copy of the ledger rather than a single central platform. The network cannot be manipulated by anyone. Any user who wishes to alter the block must begin a brand-new, independent chain.

Be A Part of a Public Blockchain Network

Every platform that is a component of the Public Blockchain is created to function with the highest level of security. The anonymity of the Public Blockchain is one of the factors that have attracted so many supporters. It is not necessary to reveal your identity or true name to take part. Nobody can monitor your network activities if your identity is securely protected.


Why Should You Choose Infograins As Public Blockchain Development Company?

No matter how complicated your job is, we always guarantee our work. We deliver on our promises and live up to our words. Even after the Blockchain has been deployed on your primary network, our skilled developers offer end-to-end support for your project.

To find out howPublic Blockchain Development can help your business, get in touch with us.

Benefits of Public Blockchain Development for Your Business

Lower Costs

The cost of hiring an attorney is reduced by not having to study and assess any kind of documentation.


It means that transactions and processes are transparent and can't be altered once a transaction is approved.


As record-keeping systems, public blockchains are very secure.


Business processes powered by blockchain are quicker and more dependable.