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From Play to Profit - Exploring P2E Game Development

Play-to-Earn (P2E) game development has revolutionized the gaming industry by introducing blockchain technology that allows gamers to receive payment in cryptocurrency for their gameplay or for providing services in the gaming universe. This innovative community-driven business model facilitates collaboration between gamers and developers, thus allowing them to make meaningful contributions to the game. Moreover, it has led to a psychological paradigm shift in the gaming world, wherein players are beginning to recognize the value of their gaming skills and the items they obtain from their gameplay. Furthermore, the association of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to gaming has brought a radical change for players and developers by allowing players to own their virtual assets and sell them in-game or in external NFT marketplaces in exchange for real money. Players discovered a source of revenue, while developers experienced increased engagement and demand for the game.


How does P2E Game Development Work?


The theory ofP2E game developmentis relatively straightforward: Players are rewarded with cryptocurrencies, native crypto tokens, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for completing tasks, competing with other gamers, winning contests, and progressing through different levels in the game. These rewards can get exchanged for real money through an exchange or NFT marketplace. Although getting started with play-to-earn gaming is easy, the user should decide on the game and gaming experience desired to ensure successful outcomes. 


To illustrate how to begin P2E gaming, let us examine the crypto kitties player onboarding process.


Create a wallet: The first step in beginning your journey with Cryptokitties is to get a cryptocurrency wallet. Multiple wallet options are available, Metamask being the popular choice. To get the MetaMask extension, you may download it from the official MetaMask website or through the Chrome web store.


Fund your wallet: To get involved in Cryptokitties, you must first set up your wallet. As the game uses the Ethereum blockchain, you must obtain some Ether (ETH) to access it. The users can get ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange or peer-to-peer platform. Connect the wallet to the Cryptokitties game.


Buy your first kitty:  You can start buying kitties once your wallet has been linked. Each kitty possesses distinct characteristics, which influence its worth, rarity, and physical traits. You can acquire kitties using your ETH balance.


Breed your kitties: Once you possess them, you can breed them to produce new ones with distinctive characteristics. It can amplify the worth of your kitties and generate new opportunities to purchase, sell, or exchange them with other participants.


Manage your kitties: You can manage your kitties by viewing their details, checking their breeding history, and even setting them up for sale or auction. You can also participate in the Cryptokitties community by joining Discord groups and social media platforms or attending meetups.


Pros and Cons of P2E Game Development




Earning Opportunities: Players now have the opportunity to receive an incentive for spending more time in virtual environments without fear of losing their progress. The more they engage in the game, the more in-game items they can acquire. Gamers can convert these items into either cryptocurrency or real-world currency, thus enabling them to monetize their passion for playing video games.


Innovative Trends: Play-to-earn game development is paving the way for innovative trends in the gaming industry, thereby expanding the potential of upcoming projects. These games open up a new realm of player capability, going far beyond the mere act of playing.


Building Gaming Communities: The P2E game development model strengthens collaboration and teamwork among participants by allowing them to reap the rewards of completing various tasks and quests. These games foster a sense of community in which players work together towards a common goal to get incentives. The notion of an incentive-sharing system encourages an atmosphere of inclusivity and promotes a healthy environment for all players.


Investment Opportunities: The potential for these games as a cost-effective investment in the long term is noteworthy. They provide an unparalleled chance to acquire more digital assets, with only your time being the only real investment.




Lack of Focus on Fun: Critics have often raised the concern that developers may prioritize the economic model of a game over its entertaining qualities, thus making it overly challenging for players to unlock items and subsequently taking away game enjoyment. This factor would render the purpose of playing the game, which is to have fun, obsolete.


Technical Accessibility: The technical accessibility of a P2E game is determined by the developer's user interface and programming principles. Depending on the type of game, setting up crypto wallets and buying crypto may be challenging for players. Projects should implement straightforward programming paradigms and include instructions to navigate the game to ensure ease of use.


Entry Barrier: A primary concern regarding P2E game development is the high entry barrier. In many Play-to-earn(P2E) games, players must obtain a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) before they can even begin playing. Furthermore, some popular games will not allow players to progress without spending money. Although players can accumulate digital currencies while playing, the time and effort required to do so can be prohibitive for most.


Less Defined Structure: Although blockchain technology is still in its early stages, some issues need to be addressed, such as scalability, initial expenses, network structure, and availability to the public. In addition, the value of crypto tokens and NFTs is highly volatile, with prices fluctuating drastically within a few hours, rendering them a risky investment.


The Future Ahead


The success of P2E Game Development has been remarkable, as they have managed to captivate the younger generation with cutting-edge technology and innovation. About the future of P2E Games, it is sure to be bright! Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the revenue these platforms offer. Increase your chances of success in the virtual gaming space and showcase your skills. At Infograins, we can help you to get into the market quickly. Our team of experts is on hand to provide the design and development of applications based on blockchain, NFT,Smart contracts, and more. Contact us to find out more about the P2E game development process.