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Smart Contracts Audit


A smart contract audit is a mechanism for an in-depth examination of a project’s smart contracts. Before learning more about smart contract audits, it is necessary to learn about smart contracts. Smart contracts are digital agreements that are enforced by a specific set of rules. The rules are predefined by computer code. These smart contracts run on blockchain and were made popular by the founder of Ethereum. Your decision to invest in a blockchain firm may have been influenced by the results of a smart contract code review.

Why are smart contract audits necessary?

Identification of bugs, issues and vulnerabilities

Verification of project's authenticity and legality

Detailed analysis report

Smart contract optimisation

W3 Service
W3 Service

Auditing Process

  • Checking the documentation.

  • Time and cost projections.

  • KYC . i.e. gathering personal data of the client.

  • Payment ( bank transfer or cryptocurrency).

  • Testing process (Automated or manual).

  • Announcement to the crypto community about the audit.

  • Generation of Report consisting of vulnerabilities and recommendations.

What possibilities can Smart Contract Audit Solutions offer you?

Your blockchain application will be secure and high on performance because of our innovative audit processes and careful assessment from our subject matter experts. Most individuals are aware of the value of audits for cybersecurity, but few examine the code. Projects processing blockchain transactions worth millions of dollars or involving a large number of stakeholders can benefit from Smart contract audits


How can we help you?

By requesting the Infograins Smart contract audit, you may accomplish two key objectives: learn how secure your smart contract is and identify areas for development. Throughout and after the smart contract audit, our security specialists will be in touch with you. You will be able to determine whether you have implemented the proper fixes as a consequence. Our Smart contracts audit specialists will also provide you with advice on the best way to design your security strategy so that you don't leave yourself open to well-known and unanticipated hacks.

What should you expect from the audit?

Project Requirements

Overview of the Auditing Process

Conclusions and Suggestions

The Next Course of Actions