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Crypto Wallet Development

Blockchain Wallet Development Company

In simple terms, a Blockchain wallet is a Cryptocurrency wallet that is used to manage several Cryptocurrencies. The two most obvious applications are Ether and Bitcoin. Using a Blockchain wallet makes exchanging money incredibly simple. Transactions instantly become extremely safe once they are digitally signed.

Types of Crypto Wallets

Desktop Wallet

Desktop wallets remain operational even when a network connection is lost.

Mobile Wallets

They offer an NFC (near-field communication) and a QR code scanner.

Cold and Hot Wallet

Cold wallets are based on hardware that works in offline mode. Hot wallets are online wallets based on software.

Universal Wallet

The universal wallet enables access to numerous Cryptocurrencies from a single location.

W3 Service
W3 Service

Access Your Crypto Wallet Anytime At Any Place

1. Keep all of your cryptocurrency and NFTs together.

2. Support for a huge number of dApps and hundreds of thousands of tokens

3. Use your phone or browser to explore the decentralized web.

4. Secure your digital assets with market-leading technology.

How To Transact Using Crypto Wallet?

The crypto wallet development starts with the creation of a set of keys known as the public and private keys. These keys are used to mathematically secure the crypto.

1. When you share your wallet address with someone, they will always send you cryptocurrency to your public address. Instead of being your wallet address, the public address is a hashed version of it.

2. As your private key is linked to your public key and consequently to your wallet address, it is the only one that can be used to unlock the wallet's contents by decrypting the data that the sender of the coins has encrypted.


3. The wallet owner will use their private key to sign a transaction before submitting it to the blockchain network to send cryptocurrency. Once the transaction has been made public, the network's nodes, who operate as verifiers, will utilize the related, publicly available public key that was used to sign the transaction to check that it is genuine and legitimate before allowing it to proceed.


Build Your Blockchain Wallet With Infograins

Infograins develop crypto wallets that are tailored to clients' requirements. In addition to delivering flawlessly, Infograins believes in offering 24/7 support and post-delivery services. Our Blockchain engineers offer a maintainable and secure wallet for customers to store their private transaction keys and process their transactions securely employing cutting-edge and innovative Crypto wallet development methodologies. Our crypto wallet development services enable you to acquire, manage, and transfer virtual currencies.

Crypto Wallet Development Solutions

Multi Coin Support

Native support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens with multi-coin and multi-asset capabilities.

Cross-Platform Support

We offer support for iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux in our blockchain wallet.

Scanner for QR codes

QR code scanner makes cryptocurrency exchange simpler and does away with human error while copying wallet addresses.

Easy-to-use interface

The self-explanatory UI makes using cryptocurrencies for both newcomers and seasoned traders easier.