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The team of developers at Infograins, has years of professional expertise and in-depth knowledge in the industry. We have mastered the art of assisting several clients worldwide in effectively launching their ICOs, IDOs STOs and raising sizeable sums of money for their companies. With the help of our customised development solutions, you'll be set up for success and supported in navigating the market turmoil.

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Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

ICO is a process where a company raises capital in the Blockchain ecosystem. Investors receive crypto coins/tokens in return for their investment. These tokens stand out because they support open-source projects. Investors have rights to a specific project through an initial coin offering (ICO), not the company launching the project. Investors may obtain a decision-making position as a result of decentralised decision-making, which is one of the most distinctive aspects of ICOs. Direct taxation may not apply to the project for which the ICO is held. An ICO is sometimes held to promote the usage of new cryptocurrencies or the marketing of new services.

There are two kinds of ICOs namely, Private ICO and Public ICO. In a Private ICO, a limited number of investors are allowed to participate whereas, in a Public ICO, anyone can become an investor.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

IDO is the ICO's predecessor. This kind of coin or token offering tends to happen on decentralised exchanges. In contrast to ICOs, where tokens are sold even before the exchange, tokens are immediately posted on DEX. Since no intermediaries are used in the creation of the liquidity pools, this is one of the fair fundraising techniques. It is possible to trade tokens instantly because of the immediate liquidity.


Security Token Offering

STO and ICO are very similar. The role of governmental entities is the main difference between the two. Governmental agencies regulate STO, and it is required that it comply with their regulations. STOs are supported by assets with actual monetary value. Many assets are difficult to trade or transfer. Owners can digitize their assets and fractionalize them into smaller tokens that can be exchanged in whole or in part through STOs. These tokens can be bought, exchanged, and destroyed per the regulations established by governmental institutions. 

How Infograins can help you?

Token Development

You can develop and build models for cryptocurrency tokens with the help of our experts at Infograins.

White Paper Creation

Our expert writers will provide a concise whitepaper that thoroughly describes your ICO/IDO/STO process.

Legal Consulting for STO

We conduct thorough legal research and recommend the solution that best fits your project.

Digital Assets

We will give you detailed advice on using digital assets to transform your business.