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Semi Fungible Token Development

By transforming any kind of asset into Non-Fungible Tokens, NFTs significantly lower the likelihood that assets would fall victim to forgery. When transformed into an NFT, any normal asset is not susceptible to duplication. The terms included in the smart contracts will govern how the NFT trading platform, where these NFTs are bought and traded, operates. Semi-fungible Tokens (SFT), in contrast, have two distinct appearances: fungibility and non-fungibility. When these semi-fungible tokens are fungible, they can be traded like cryptocurrencies, but when they are non-fungible, they become one-of-a-kind and non-transferable. Smart contracts are created and run to convert fungible tokens to NFTs and vice versa. You can take advantage of development services for non-fungible, semi-fungible, and NFT marketplaces with Infograins as your SFT development firm.

Salient Attributes of Semi-Fungible Tokens

As the name implies Semi-fungible tokens have the virtue of being both fungible and non-fungible, but not both at the same time. The first characteristic of an SFT is fungibility, which means it has a fixed value that can be redeemed or exchanged for another token. After being used in a specified manner, the token will no longer be fungible at all. Some of the attributes of SFTs are


SFTs can switch from being fungible to non-fungible, allowing token holders to use them according to their trading requirements.


The Ethereum standard is typically used to build SFTs, ensuring the trustworthiness of those tokens.


SFTs are still fungible when traded between the owner and the buyer, indicating that the token's face value has not altered. These fungible tokens will increase liquidity as a result.

Easy to Mint

When compared to fungible or non-fungible tokens, semi-fungible tokens are relatively simple to mint and require less gas.

Single Smart Contract

A single smart contract can be used to deploy both fungible tokens and NFTs.


Since they adhere to the ERC-721 rules, semi-fungible crypto tokens have an advantage over other competitors who do not!

Why are SFT Development Services important in the industry?

The ownership of assets in the digital world has transformed due to nonfungible assets or NFTs. The development of NFTs has made it possible to represent asset ownership in an unchanging, secure, and transparent manner. However, it takes a long time and is ineffectual to change a whole group of NFTs. Because it allows both NFTs and fungible tokens, the multi-token standard - SFT development is rapidly gaining favour. This is because it greatly simplifies batch token transfers. Although it will take some time for semi-fungible tokens to fill the gaps left by NFTs, the trend is undoubtedly growing in popularity, particularly in the gaming sector. Its versatility is greatly increased by the display of both fungible and eventual non-fungible token attributes. With the use of SFTs, the assets' liquidity is increased. Due to their flexibility, SFT development services are becoming increasingly important.

With the help of our expertise, create your semi-fungible token

The underdogs of the cryptocurrency industry are semi-fungible crypto tokens. Now that blockchain technology has advanced, it is possible to build tokens that are not just fungible or rare, but also semi-fungible. With these distinctive digital assets, you can depict anything. They're ideal for any project that calls for the utilisation of 3D models and textures.

A Professional Team

To help you succeed with the use of SFTs, we will give you access to our best team of professionals, who have both practical experience and solid technical understanding.


Offering complete support for SFT development, whether it be with the product launch or post-delivery services. You can concentrate on other growth areas with our 24-hour support.

Special Token Services

Providing token owners with the option to unbundle their tokens even when they are combined into a single smart contract, enabling the trading of individual tokens.

Detailed Project Plan

An organised plan that allows for easy and quick development and deployment