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Slice Ledger Protocol

About Product

Slice Ledger

Sliceledger is a decentralized, permissionless EVM-compatible blockchain network. It has successfully managed to draw the attention of developers, innovators, artists, businesses and stakeholders. It has offered communities to develop and grow together.

Our Goals

Our objective is to build a self-regulating and self-sustainable network model that can enable a trustworthy economy. We aim to provide an ultra-fast P2P network with low transaction costs and confirmation time.

Exclusive Features

Slice Wallet

Slice wallet is a free client-side interface that enhances the use of Slice Ledger. The wallet is private and secure. Your wallet is solely accessible to you. No private information is gathered by us.

Slice Token

The native token on SliceLedger Chain is called SLICE. It is used for on-chain governance, transaction fee payment, and network security staking for the SliceLedger Chain.

Slice Scan

This is the tool for exploring data and actionable insights on SliceLedger Chain such as blocks, transactions, addresses, contracts, etc. Developers can deploy their smart contract using the SLICE token and the transaction done can be visible on SLICESCAN.

Some Distinct Characteristics of Slice Ledger


One of the unique aspects of Slice Ledger is its ability to be developer friendly. DevNet and MainNet can be accessed by developers.

User-Friendly Interface

Some of the features that make Slice Ledger user-friendly are Slice Wallet, Slice Wallet Extension, Slice Scan, Slice Dex and Slice NFT Market.


SliceLedger Chain can operate with any other blockchain with an integrated smart bridge contract that enables seamless asset transfers between chains.