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Slice Crypto Wallet

About Product

Slice Wallet

Slice wallet is a free client-side interface that makes using Slice easier. You can do a lot more with our user-friendly, open-source platform. Multiple tokens can be supported by the slice mobile wallet. The wallet is secure and confidential. Your wallet is solely accessible to you. We don't gather any personal information.

Our Goals

We at Sliceledger wanted to develop a wallet that can assist users with a variety of tasks and provide a wide range of functionality while keeping their privacy and security by utilizing RSA & ECDSA encryption techniques that are industry-standard. We wanted that the wallet can also be connected to our DeX, marketplace, node, and docker to send, receive, stack, and store their cryptocurrency assets.

Payment Methods

Moon PAY

MoonPay was launched in 2019 with the intention of encouraging the use of cryptocurrencies with just two aspiring entrepreneurs.


Simplex enables the widest range of payment methods from its huge network of partners.


Transak is a fiat to cryptocurrency payment gateway's developer integration. Giving average people and businesses access to cryptocurrencies and blockchain addresses a critical issue



When a user selects the "Buy" button on the home page, they are taken to a screen that lists all the tokens along with their names and current prices.


The user will be taken to a screen listing all the tokens along with their names and current prices as soon as they click the "SEND" button on the Home Page.


A list of all the tokens is displayed when a user selects the "Receive" option from the Home screen.