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Defi Staking Platform Development

Staking is referred to as the locking of the Cryptocurrency assets to maintain a blockchain network in exchange for a reward. Blockchain uses staked Cryptocurrency to generate rewards. As a consensus technique, Proof of Stake is used to ensure that all transactions are secure and confirmed without the involvement of a third party. Some of the rewards that are earned through staking are additional tokens, voting rights, and growth in existing holdings.

Essential features to look out for Staking platform

Easy to use interface

Exceptional Security

Smooth Payout

Bonus Calculator

W3 Service
W3 Service

How can you stake your cryptocurrency?

Generally, people use Cryptocurrency exchange or staking pools for staking coins. When you stake through a Cryptocurrency exchange, you make your coin accessible through the exchange for use in the proof-of-stake procedure. In essence, it gives owners a way to make money out of the Cryptocurrency they have stored in their wallets.

Staking pools often operate on a two-tier basis, with an administrator supervising the Validators' work and making sure everything runs well. Some pools charge membership and entry fees. Rewards are divided between the pool operator and pool delegators when they are earned.

Changing the Typical Borrowing and Lending Approach

By adding a new block to the Blockchain, users who invest their tokens stand to gain. They will be able to legitimately support each new transaction they add to the Blockchain owing to their staked tokens. The network chooses Validators based on the amount they invested and how long they kept it. Therefore, those who made a significant investment get rewarded. In what is referred to as a "slashing event," users may have a portion of their stake burnt by the network if transactions in a new block are found to be incorrect.


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Some popular crypto staking coins that we work on

Ethereum (Crypto - ETH)

You must have at least 32 ETH to stake Ethereum on your own.

Cardano (Crypto – ADA)

Ada, the Cryptocurrency used by the Cardano network, is distributed by investors to staking pools for rewards.

Solana (Crypto – SOL)

If a user has a digital wallet that supports it, Solana, or SOL, can also be staked or outsourced to a staking pool.

Polkadot (Crypto – DOT)

Staking Polkadot yields a typical return of 14%. This rate may change based on various factors.