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Bouquet NFT Collection

About Product

Bouquet NFT

The bouquet NFT collection is a collection of 10,000 exclusive NFT collectibles, which will be stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. The qualities are manually drawn but mechanically allocated, providing each piece of art a unique identity and adding value to the Bouquet Collection community.

Our Goals

DID ANYONE ELSE GET YOUR NFT? No one. Every NFT is individually hand-drawn and computer-generated. To make sure that each item is a unique work of art, we've produced 60 unique qualities, including a wrapper, 10 different petals, a background, a ribbon, a bouquet, and colour. The availability of every NFT varies. On the Ethereum Blockchain, all Bouquet collections are kept as ERC-721 A tokens. Holders of the Bouquet collection must log into their Metamask Wallet to access members-only areas.

Payment Method


We will provide clients with goods or services in exchange for the MATIC cryptocurrency.


Ethereum (ETH) is one of the cryptocurrencies that is supported by our platform.


Customers can pay with cryptocurrencies stored in their Binance wallets, and there is no fee for gas or withdrawals.


Mint Your Favorite Bouquet

From the second week of July 2022, bouquet minting has already started, with pricing beginning at 0.005 ETH. At one moment, the user can mint a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 NFT. We have employed ERC721A to mint many NFTs simultaneously while saving users' gas costs.

Connect to the Metamask Wallet

After start minting your favorite NFT, you will connect to the Metamask wallet. Log in to your Metamask wallet and then you will have different payment options. To pay, choose your preferred method of payment.

Pay & Mint Your NFT

After selecting your preferred payment platform, you will get access to your selected payment options. Just pay and mint your favorite NFTs and add them to your collectibles. Unlock more and more rewards also in the future and get doubled your NFTs.